Get to Know Priya...

Priya: [pree-yah] --noun , from Sanskrit, 'dear and beloved'

Priya blossomed in 2011 out of the 10-year-old photography studio founded by Lindsey McIntyre (Lindsey McIntyre Photography). Having grown and restructured the company, Lindsey formed the new LLC Priya. Priya currently rotates five highly-talented photographers for shoots from weddings to portraits to High School Seniors to Commercial Work.

Our Style...

We don't generally shoot completely 'photojournalistically' unless requested (of course, upon request, we're happy to shoot completely 'incognito,' journaling your special day as it unfolds), but instead tend to shoot more along the lines of what we like to call 'loosely directed.' We put you in the locations of the most flattering light and most stunning backgrounds, in the most pleasing groupings, and then tell a few jokes and let you do your thing. If anything looks 'off,' we do correct it, but otherwise like to then let the scene unfold naturally.

We shoot both in natural light and also with specific, conscious flash techniques to really make your images 'pop.'

We border both unique and timeless simultaneously. We want you to have images that have wow factor and that you're amazed by, but at the same time can look back on in 20 years and still enjoy just as much.

We want you to be 100% comfortable and we want to have a hand in creating the best day of your lives.

I can't stress enough how important it is that you not only appreciate the technical skill of your photographer, but also enjoy spending time with her. For weddings, she'll be with you up to the day of in planning, and after the big day for many months as you design your album together, order prints, plan for baby shoots...

But most importantly throughout your session. You'll need to feel 100% comfortable talking with, laughing with, and enjoying time with your photographer, not only so that you look natural and happy in front of the camera, but also so you enjoy yourself as much as you possibly can!

We are incredibly proud of and grateful for the relationships we tend to end up developing with the majority of our clients, whom we now call dear friends.

Our Philosophy...

Photographer Marc Riboud once said, 'Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.' My philosophy when it comes to life and photography is much the same. I relish the capability of capturing life in all its facets--from joyous wedding festivities to still photography--I see beauty and life in everything in our world surround, and I embrace every project that I shoot. It's a wonderful feeling to be so impassioned by one's job--I believe the fact that I love what I do comes through in my work. I delight in the chance to work every day with people in their most emotional and happiest of moments. I believe in a photography that is both heart and raw emotion in combination with logical and conscious technique. This is why I feel that my feminine eye, in conjunction with advanced concepts in composition, lighting, and technique set my work apart from many photographers'.

We do not simply 'snap pictures' of an event; we instead capture the moment and record an emotion.

Because I am so riveted by my field, I feel that I will never stop acquiring knowledge about photography and the world in general. As an active member of the national Professional Photographers of America organization (the most highly-renowned professional affiliation for photographers in the world), as well as the Georgia chapter of the Professional Photographers Association: organizations that both hold very high standards for their members in professionalism, ethics, quality of workmanship, and education, I attend their competitions and seminars on a regular basis to gain new insights and concepts in the field from other masters of this craft. Having worked with some of the top photographers in the nation, I continue to collaborate with my colleagues, bouncing concepts and creative ideas off them as I continually hone my own craft.

I select each of Priya's photographers, assistants, designers, and studio workers carefully, choosing staff who share the same values, talents, and eye that I have developed as the recognizable style of Priya. As the leading photographer of the Priya team, I am the first to eagerly take on a project. However, when I am already booked for a requested date and time, I am pleased to pair one of our gifted team members with a client to suit his or her needs.

Overall, we try to foster relationships with our clients wherein they are sure to feel satisfied with the art they commission from Priya. Whenever possible, I like to meet with every client for a consultation before we shoot a single photograph to discuss what he or she is looking for, exactly, in our photography session. I like to be sure that we're all on the same page before we pick up a camera.

It is of utmost importance to me that my clients are thoroughly happy with the images I've created of their special memories.

In short, for myself, photography is not just a job to pay the bills. It is a beautiful, eye-opening, joyful way of life that I would love to share with you. "

- Lindsey S McIntyre for Priya Photo

January 2012

  • Charity Calendar: Semi-annual Wedding Photography Giveaway...Sign up online for huge gifts and prizes! Click Here to contact us for a complimentary appointment.
  • Our Famous Boudoir Sessions Weekend! Friday 6 January and Saturday 7 January Click Here to reserve your time by 1 December.
  • Business Headshots Days: Monday, 16 January & Wednesday 18 January. 30 Slots available, call to book by 1 Jan.
  • Our famous Facebook Parties! Friday, 13 January, 6pm, and Friday, 27 January, 6pm Click Here to get more info and to reserve a spot for you and your friends.
  • February 2012

  • CC: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta…5% of all portraits will be donated to the Cares For Kids Foundation, providing funds for medical research to help find cures for childhood illnesses. Visit www.Choa.org for more information. Click Here to find out more about our Portrait Sessions.
  • March 2012

  • CC: Women for Women International ... "Sponsor a Woman Survivor of War and save a life." 5% of all Portrait Party and Calendar Party profits go to the Women for Women International Foundation. Visit WomenForWomen.org for more information. ?Click Here to book your party to save lives and change worlds while having a wonderful time!
  • April 2012

  • CC: Malaria No More Drive... 5% of all Family Portraits will be donated to the Malaria No More Foundation, sending much-needed mosquito nets to areas that need it to prevent disease, death, and heartbreak. April 25 is International Malaria Awareness Day! Visit http://www.malarianomore.org/ for more information. Click Here to find out more about our Family Portraits Sessions.
  • Easter Portraits Saturday 7 April through Monday 9 April
  • May 2012

  • CC: Now that it's getting hot we're more aware than ever how crucial clean water is. Throughout the month of May we'll be donating 5% of all Family Portrait Sessions profits to the Charity:Water Foundation.Visit http://www.charitywater.org/whywater/ for more information. Click Here to find out more about our Portrait Sessions.
  • Mother's Day Sessions week
  • June 2012

  • CC: Semi-annual Operation Smile Fundraiser, 5% of all Portrait profits go to the Operation Smile Foundation, helping to repair childhood facial deformities while building public and private partnerships that advocate for sustainable healthcare systems for children and families. Visit www.OperationSmile.org for more information. Click 'Connect with Us' to find out more about our Portrait Sessions.
  • July 2012

  • CC: Semi-annual Wedding Photography Giveaway...Sign up at our Studio for huge gifts and prizes! Click 'Connect with Us' to contact us for a complimentary appointment.
  • August 2012

  • CC: Habitat for Humanity Drive...5% of all Commercial and Business Photography profits benefit Habitat For Humanity, building homes for those in need. Visit HabitatForHumanity.org for more information. Connect with Us to find out more about our Business Photography Sessions.
  • Boudoir Sessions weekend Saturday and Sunday August 10 & 11. Book by 13 July to ensure a spot.
  • September 2011

  • CC: Semi-Annual Humane Society Drive... 5% of all Pet Portraits will be donated to the Humane Society of the United States, helping to provide better lives for our furry friends. Visit www.hsus.org for more information. Click Here to find out more about our Pet Portrait Sessions.
  • October 2011

  • CC: Semi-annual Operation Smile Fundraiser. For the month of October, 5% of all Portrait profits go to the Operation Smile Foundation, helping to repair childhood facial deformities while building public and private partnerships that advocate for sustainable healthcare systems for children and families. Visit www.OperationSmile.org for more information. Please click 'Connect with Us' to find out more about our Portrait Sessions.
  • Portraits in the Mountain Leaves Week, November 6-12, be photographed in some of our most stunning favorite mountain locations
  • Our Signature Trash the Dress Sessions at our favorite creek! Monday October 17- Friday October 21…Only 10 Sessions available, book by 15 September.
  • Halloween Portraits in Costume! 3pm-5pm at the Hayesville town square. Click Here for more information, and come by for a complimentary pro image of your little one or yourself in costume, emailed to you in high res!
  • November 2011

  • CC: 5% of all Holiday Portraits go to Towns County Sponsor a Child program
  • CC: Portraits for all...Know a family who would love to have custom portraits created by Priya, but may not be able to afford custom-tailored photography? Nominate them by Clicking Here for a free portrait sitting!
  • Holiday Portraits in your home weekend November 26 & 27. Limited times available, click 'Connect with Us' to book your session early.
  • Portraits with Santa day December 3, 1:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Christmas Card Session Day Sunday December 4, 1:00pm to 4:00pm. 15-minute sessions. These sessions usually book out completely by late Autumn, so please Click Here to book your session early.
  • December 2011

  • CC: Towns County Chamber of Commerce Tour Of Homes: Toy and Clothing Drive. Bring your unwrapped toys, clothing, and food items for a 5% discount off your Portrait Sessions! Click Here to find out more about our Portrait Sessions.
  • CC: 5% of all Holiday Portraits go to Towns County Sponsor a Child program.
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  • Please Connect With Us to receive a full set of our detailed packages.
  • Our wedding packages are created to fit absolutely every budget, from $500 up, most of our packages average between $1200 and $3200, and we love to work with everyone... every story, every style of wedding to create a set of unique, breath-taking images you'll cherish for generations to come. Select from our popular packages, or ask for a special quote if you don't find what you'd like within our set.
  • We offer complimentary archiving of your images for two years from your wedding date, so you're welcome to add on albums, prints, canvases, etc. any time from the date of booking to two years after the big day.
  • We do offer payment plans to break up your package over a series of several months if you'd like.
  • To reserve your date, we require our dually-signed contract and retainer of 1/3 your package total. Your remaining 2/3 of your package is receivable up to two weeks prior to your wedding day.
  • We do offer a discount of 5% off your package total if you'd prefer to take care of your package in -full at the time of our booking by cash or check.
  • Maternity, Newborn, Children, & Family Portraits

  • Our Portrait Sessions start at $325, and include:
  • ~ Local sitting at one of our favorite locations or in your own home

    ~ Full editing and artistic touching of your images

    ~ Webposting of your images in color, black and white, and sepia with online ordering

    ~ Online music video of your best images to Facebook to share with family and friends

    ~ Credit of $175 to use as you like toward prints of your selection

    ~ Archiving of your images for two years

  • Please Connect with Us for more information.
  • High School Seniors

  • We price our Senior packages by each look and location, and are happy to travel to create the most stunning images in interesting locations.
  • Our Senior packages start at $99.
  • Please Connect with Us for more information on our unique Senior sessions.
  • Commercial Work

  • All of Priya's Commercial Work, Real Estate Photography, Landscape, Food Photography, Magazine, Editorial, Book Photography, Product Photography, and the like are quoted on a completely individulaized basis. Please Contact Us with details for more information.
  • Priya's Business Headshots are generally $85 in-studio and include a 20-minute session of many images to chose from, full editing and magazine-qualtiy retouching of best images, marketing high-resolution disc of images, and release to use the images in your marketing as you wish.
  • Fashion & Models

  • All of Priya's Fashion & Editorial is quoted per job / per travel / completely customized to each job.
  • Model Portfolio work starts at $100 for headshots with retouching and released disc, to $1200 for full startup or revamp set. Our signature retouching, comp card design, printed portfolios, and much more available at standard Atlanta market pricing. Our expertise and industry contacts are also available for promising clients complimentarily and at Lindsey's discretion.

  • Please Connect with Us, detailing the type of shoot you're interested in, to receive more information on our Fashion & Modeling pacakges.
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    For Wedding Inquiries, please CLICK HERE. Thank you!

    Please check in regularly to view our upcoming events and Charity Calendar...

    "Lindsey, Jeremi and I wanted to express our thanks for all of your work to make our pictures so incredible. We truly believe that you went above and beyond to make our pictures exceed our expectations. We are so glad we chose to work with you and I hope we get a chance to let you capture our memories in the future. Thanks again,

    Melissa and Jeremi"

    "She cared, and treated us like people. Lindsey also listened to us and built the photos around who we are. She also made several trips to see us, and made sure everything was perfect. The photography was amazing, every time we show our album, people practically drool on it.

    It makes our wedding that much more special."

    ~ Rhonda and Josh

    "Lindsey has a remarkable ability to capture the true essence of the moment. My husband and I were 100% satisfied with Lindsey's work.

    It was truly a pleasure to work with her."

    ~ Wendy and Aaron

    "Lindsey did a great job with the posed pictures and the random pictures. The picture album and picture CD's were perfect. We loved the impromptu pictures of the wedding."

    ~ Suzanne and Eric

    "Lindsey, you were great! We love our photos. The photos are so unique! Very non-invasive to work with. Not a lot of posing, etc."

    ~ Bobbi and Stephen

    "I had a great experience with LMP. The quality of product is amazing."

    ~ Jacy

    "We loved everything that Lindsey did for us. The bridal and wedding pictures turned out so beautifully. Lindsey was great. She was sweet, very personable, and very professional. Lindsey seemed to have had a great imagination when it comes to putting the wedding album together. She used cool pictures as background that still involves my wedding."

    ~ Jessica and Chris

    “The photographs are absolutely amazing! I like all of them, (except the ones in which I'm crying). Just kidding, they are all great! Thank you so much! You did a fantastic job! I liked how there were many photos of the family."

    ~ Kim & John

    “We are enjoying our pictures you sent and the cute box they came in! Trying to narrow it down! That's hard! You are so talented!

    THANK YOU! I LOVE all of our pics!

    Now, I think that everyone wants 2 of each picture! My maid of honor's mother thinks you need to send a few to bridal mags (the one of the girls kissing me, etc...)

    Thanks SO much!

    P.S. [Our wedding coordinator] is [also] THRILLED with your work!

    ~ Tricia & Doug

    “We received the pictures we ordered the other day! They are beautiful! We are so excited about them! Thank you so much for adding in the one of [my flowergirl] and I, that was so sweet!

    ~ Melissa & Bryan

    “Just wanted to let you know everyone absolutely adores the album, including the originality, quality and shots. I have even had requests from people to see it a second time or show others. Thanks so much for everything. Also, the bridal portraits look exceptional.”

    ~ Amanda & Brad

    "As a pastel artist, a major part of the pursuit of sales and recognition is affected by the visual presentation made of my artwork. Using her excellent photographic skills, Lindsey McIntyre has enabled me to show my work through her design for my website and promotional materials. Utilizing her photography and effective digital samples has enhanced my success in winning awards and being juried into important art shows. Lindsey has become an important element of my artistic endeavors."

    ~ Estelle Schwarz