Get to Know Priya...

Priya: [pree-yah] --noun , from Sanskrit, 'dear and beloved'

Priya blossomed in 2011 out of the 10-year-old photography studio founded by Lindsey McIntyre (Lindsey McIntyre Photography). Having grown and restructured the company, Lindsey formed the new LLC Priya. Priya currently rotates five highly-talented photographers for shoots from weddings to portraits to High School Seniors to Commercial Work.

Our Style...

We don't generally shoot completely 'photojournalistically' unless requested (of course, upon request, we're happy to shoot completely 'incognito,' journaling your special day as it unfolds), but instead tend to shoot more along the lines of what we like to call 'loosely directed.' We put you in the locations of the most flattering light and most stunning backgrounds, in the most pleasing groupings, and then tell a few jokes and let you do your thing. If anything looks 'off,' we do correct it, but otherwise like to then let the scene unfold naturally.

We shoot both in natural light and also with specific, conscious flash techniques to really make your images 'pop.'

We border both unique and timeless simultaneously. We want you to have images that have wow factor and that you're amazed by, but at the same time can look back on in 20 years and still enjoy just as much.

We want you to be 100% comfortable and we want to have a hand in creating the best day of your lives.

I can't stress enough how important it is that you not only appreciate the technical skill of your photographer, but also enjoy spending time with her. For weddings, she'll be with you up to the day of in planning, and after the big day for many months as you design your album together, order prints, plan for baby shoots...

But most importantly throughout your session. You'll need to feel 100% comfortable talking with, laughing with, and enjoying time with your photographer, not only so that you look natural and happy in front of the camera, but also so you enjoy yourself as much as you possibly can!

We are incredibly proud of and grateful for the relationships we tend to end up developing with the majority of our clients, whom we now call dear friends.

Our Philosophy...

Photographer Marc Riboud once said, 'Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.' My philosophy when it comes to life and photography is much the same. I relish the capability of capturing life in all its facets--from joyous wedding festivities to still photography--I see beauty and life in everything in our world surround, and I embrace every project that I shoot. It's a wonderful feeling to be so impassioned by one's job--I believe the fact that I love what I do comes through in my work. I delight in the chance to work every day with people in their most emotional and happiest of moments. I believe in a photography that is both heart and raw emotion in combination with logical and conscious technique. This is why I feel that my feminine eye, in conjunction with advanced concepts in composition, lighting, and technique set my work apart from many photographers'.

We do not simply 'snap pictures' of an event; we instead capture the moment and record an emotion.

Because I am so riveted by my field, I feel that I will never stop acquiring knowledge about photography and the world in general. As an active member of the national Professional Photographers of America organization (the most highly-renowned professional affiliation for photographers in the world), as well as the Georgia chapter of the Professional Photographers Association: organizations that both hold very high standards for their members in professionalism, ethics, quality of workmanship, and education, I attend their competitions and seminars on a regular basis to gain new insights and concepts in the field from other masters of this craft. Having worked with some of the top photographers in the nation, I continue to collaborate with my colleagues, bouncing concepts and creative ideas off them as I continually hone my own craft.

I select each of Priya's photographers, assistants, designers, and studio workers carefully, choosing staff who share the same values, talents, and eye that I have developed as the recognizable style of Priya. As the leading photographer of the Priya team, I am the first to eagerly take on a project. However, when I am already booked for a requested date and time, I am pleased to pair one of our gifted team members with a client to suit his or her needs.

Overall, we try to foster relationships with our clients wherein they are sure to feel satisfied with the art they commission from Priya. Whenever possible, I like to meet with every client for a consultation before we shoot a single photograph to discuss what he or she is looking for, exactly, in our photography session. I like to be sure that we're all on the same page before we pick up a camera.

It is of utmost importance to me that my clients are thoroughly happy with the images I've created of their special memories.

In short, for myself, photography is not just a job to pay the bills. It is a beautiful, eye-opening, joyful way of life that I would love to share with you. "

- Lindsey S McIntyre for Priya Photo